How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp ? Check Here


WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging app. And it cares about the privacy of its users and looking after the privacy it has came with three new features.

All three features are very useful and they are useful for those users who want to have their privacy on the messaging app.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in which the user can hide the online status which is shown during chatting on WhatsApp.

3 new features of WhatsApp:

1. Exit group without letting anyone know

This feature is one of the best features that has been introduced newly on WhatsApp.

According to this feature now any one can exit any group without letting anyone know that they are no longer a participant of the group.

Using this feature people can now increased their privacy because no one will get to know that you have left the group because no popup will be shown in the group.

2. Screenshot blocking for View Once messages

WhatsApp has also implemented a a change in which the user can no more take a screenshot of the messages that is viewed once.

3. Hide online status while chatting on WhatsApp

This is the most useful feature till now WhatsApp has introduced many features like hiding the profile picture,Last Seen,Status.

But for the first time WhatsApp has introduced that now the users can hide the online status which is shown while a person is online.

Actually when anyone is chatting on WhatsApp ‘online’ text is shown at the left corner under the profile picture indicating that a person is online.

But now the user can easily hide the option and can increase the privacy and no one will get to know whether a person is online or offline.

How to hide the online status in WhatsApp

It is very easy to do the settings and hide the online status. At first click on Settings > Account > Privacy. Here, you will find a “Last seen and online” option on the top of the screen.

And then the user can tap on the option that they want to use and can easily access the feature.

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