Anupamaa: Anuj and Anupama makes the Ganpati Idol


Anupama asks Anuj whether he is feeling ok or not Anuj says that he is feeling better than he was feeling the last day.

GK and Anu enter the house that tell that they have done the shopping for the Ganpati ceremony. Anuj and Anupama both get surprised.

Anu tells that when she was in the orphanage she made a wish that she will be celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi with all the family members.

She tells that her dream will not come true because there is clash between the two families and they won’t be able to celebrate the ceremony together.

And it says that he will do something he says that he will apologize to vanraj. Anupama asks him that why is he doing all this.

He tells that she should because maybe he has told her many things when he was angry but now the situation has changed.

Anuj says that when he made the accident he realise one thing that, life is very unpredictable and they don’t know what is coming in the next moment.

He decides to sort out the matters between the two families and asks Anu to invite anyone home she wants to come in the Ganesh Chaturthi ceremony.

Later Anuj and Anupama sits and make the Ganesh Murti. Both of them gets overwhelmed when they find that they have made the idol.

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