Zee TV Kundali Bhagya New Update: Will Rakhi identify that Arjun is Karan?

Arjun goes to the stage and tells that he has promised everyone that he will be revealing something at 9:30. And now he is going to start with the program.

He tells that now they will get to know the truth behind the Life Of Karan which no one knows. He says that he is one of the most and Biggest Fans of Karan so the thing that he does not know about Karan nobody can know that.

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun throws the mic and Anjali catches it. She narrates the story of Karan and Preeta everybody gets emotional after getting the flashback of the moments.

Preeta gets emotional and she started thinking that why is Arjun doing always. Arjun comes from behind and tells her that she knows everything and she can remember everything.

Before she could turn around he goes away from there. After some time Rishabh finds that an unknown character has come into the drama he tries to understand who is the person.

Arjun comes from the hand and tells that it is no one but him and he runs away from their before he could turn around and find who is the person.

Karan starts screaming to save him Preeta gets uncomfortable she starts running towards him to save the person Arjun catches her hand and stops her.

She breaks down completely and she starts crying. She says that she can’t stay over there with anyone and she must leave everyone gets ready to leave.

Arjun stops her from leaving and holds her hand tightly Rishabh starts coming towards him when he leaves the hand seeing him. He says that everyone knows the truth now and the end has come.

He tells that when they have watch the full drama then they should also was the last portion of the drama before leaving from there.

Preeta break down completely and she starts crying everyone consoles her. Rakhi suddenly comes to Arjun and hugs him. Everyone gets shocked to see this.

Rakhi tells her that she knows that he has done the wrong thing by doing all this because everyone has got emotional after watching all this.

Arjun asks that then why did she come and hug him she says that she herself does not know what is she doing she says that maybe she is a mother and that’s why.

Rakhi makes him understand that he has hurt everyone by doing all this drama here. Arjun asked her that why is then she supporting him and hugging him. Rakhi tell that because he is Karan. Everyone stands shocked.

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