ZEE TV Kundali Bhagya Ep1286 -15th July 2022:OH NO! Preeta gets angry and slaps Arjun

Arjun calls Preeta as Mrs.Karan Luthra then he corrects himself and calls her Mrs.Rishab Luthra. He asks her whether she wants to dance with him.

Preeta and Arjun later dance together . She feels that Arjun is exactly dancing like Karan and she gets emotional. Arjun touches Preeta like Karan and she gets angry.

Kundali Bhagya

She stops and slaps arjun.Everyone gets shocked. Later Arjun tells Anjali that preeta has destroyed everything and now he will take revenge.

In the latest episode preeta and the Luthra family watch the drama. Arjun announces that now he is going to reveal the truth about Karan’s death.

Anjali narrates the story and the drama starts. Preeta gets emotional she gets the flashback of the moments that she has spent with Karan.

Suddenly in the story Rishabh finds that a man has entered he daughter’s thinking that who is the man who has entered could not relate to the drama.

Arjun comes from behind and tells that it is him and then he goes from there before Rishabh can find out who is the person who has whispering in his ears.

Later at the last scene in the drama Karan starts screaming to save him from falling down. Preeta gets emotional and she thinks that it is the real incident going on.

She goes to save him but Arjun holds her hand from behind and stops her. Rakhi tells Arjun why did he do all this because the drama has hurt the family members.

Arjun asks when he is wrong then why she came and hugged him. She tells that she does not know her said that why she doing all this she says that maybe she is the mother and that’s why she is doing this.

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She also has that a mother is always able to forgive her children that’s why she is they are making him understand that he has done a long thing by doing all this over there.

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