Zee TV Kundali Bhagya Ep 1278 :Will preeta realize that Arjun is Karan?

Arjun wins the auction and he feels good. He invites everyone to a party he tells that he has all the bats of the 11 best players. And now he has the 12th bat.

He says that he doesn’t want to waste his time on bargaining. He tells that he has money to waste but he doesn’t have time to waste and he doesn’t like wasting time.

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta gets emotional. Arjun also asks rishab to come to the party along with the Luthra family and asks preeta whether she will come to the party.

Preeta tells that she can because she teaches her daughter in the evening and cant comes there. He tells me to stop all this for that evening.

Arjun tell that he will be happy if comes and insist on her coming to the party. Preeta does not say anything. He goes from there.

Later Rishab and preeta tell the family what happened the last day . Rishab tells that they were in a shop when kavya went on the road and got stuck on the road.

Everyone gets afraid to hear this then preeta says that then at that time arjun came and saved her.Rishab tells that arjun has invited them to a party.

Bani says that they will all go to the party because the man has saved kavya.Arjun thinks that he will take the revenge in the party and will tell everyone that who is the main culprit.

Anjali gets surprised to hear that he has invited the lutra family .He tells that he has not seen his family for 5 years and he will be able spent time with family thats why he has invited them.

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