Star Plus Anupama upcoming episode 5th July 2022 spoiler alert


Anupama tells everyone that they need to think about the matter and take a decision wisely.Vanraj says that there is nothing else to think he has decided that from now onwards Pakhi will not meet Adhik.

Adhik tells that this is wrong because it is Pakhi’s I wish to meet him and she wanted to meet him.Vanraj gets angry on him for speaking in the matter.

Pakhi he tells that she wants to tell something she says that she will be on the side of Adhik. She says that she will be with him.

She also add that she will be in touch with him and will meet him. Pakhi tells her father that her father can’t control her personal life. Everyone gets shocked to hear this.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama finance pakhi and Adhik holding each others and in the same room she goes to stop them but before she could do anything vanraj comes from behind.

Vanraj drags Adhik from that room and takes him from there. He slaps him Barkha asks him that why is it doing all this and how their he put his hand on her brother.

He tells that Adhik was trying to miss behave with his daughter that also in their house.Vanraj tells everyone that Kavya and he decided to visit the house and to attend the function.

That’s why they came fast and he decided to surprise everyone after changing his dress but before he could do anything he found all this happening.

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Adhik defend himself and tells that nothing bad has happened because they were only speaking and they are only friends and there is nothing between them.

Leela tells that if they are only friends then what’s the need of taking Pakhi to another room. Anupama tries to handle the situation she tries to stop the argument.

Anuj tells Anuj that if it is wrong then he will not leave him and he will punish him but at first they should get to know what happened he tells that he wants to know from Anupama what has actually happened.

But Anupama does not say anything she keeps quiet vanraj tells him that the silence of Anupama is proving that he has not told anything wrong in the things that he has told is not lie.

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