Star Plus Anupama episode 12th July (Tuesday) 2022:OH NO! Anuj gets hurt, and Anu helps him

The mirror falls down and it breaks. Anupama gets shocked she stands out from the chair and screams. She gets emotional and she starts crying because she gets frightened.


Anuj asks her whether she is ok or not she says that she is ok and she asks him whether he is ok or not he says that he is absolutely ok.

But after some time Anuj feels a pain in his neck and Anupama finds that a piece of glass has stuck on his neck and it is hurting him a lot and he is bleeding.

Anupama gets emotional and she starts crying she brings the emergency kit and does the first aid. Anuj tells her not to panic he says that he is absolutely ok.

He hugs her and tells that life is unpredictable like this and anything can happen at any time and now he wants to tell the thing which she must hear.

Anupama tells that she does not want to hear all these things and sheet can’t deal with all these things at that point of time. But Anuj tells that she have to listen to the truth.

Both of them hugs each other. Anuj tiles are actually when a glass breaks it is a considered as a good sign. He receives a phone from his friend a boy who runs the orphanage.

He tells him that they can adapt Anu. Anuj inform this to Anupama and both of them gets happy and former tells that he was right that something good was going to happen.

On the other hand, Kavya asks vanraj to behave like a father she says that if she continues to be like this all his relationships will be broken.

She tells him that whatever has happened between then and after that also she has always loved him.Vanraj goes to Pakhi and tells her that he is sorry for his behavior and now she can meet Adhik.

Pakhi tells him that she does not want to leave the house and go away from the family she tells him not to send her out of Ahmedabad.

Vanraj gets emotional and tells that he can’t even think of losing her and she will never send her away from him and the family. He tells her that she can meet Adhik but with him or her mother.

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