Hotstar Anupama 1st July 2022 Promo Update

Anupama promo update: Anupama tells that she and Rakhi both of them love the baby very much she gives the opportunity to Rakhi first to do the rituals. Rakhi feels good and she performs the rituals.

She tells the baby that the baby should become like her and not the family members. Leela asks her what is she telling the baby she says that she has said to be a baby to become like her.


Leela says that the baby is a part of their family and the baby will become like them and not like her on both of them starts arguing with each other. Anupama gets irritated and she gets very angry on both of them.

She says that both of them can continue fighting and she also says that both of them should shout so that everyone can hear that they are giving. She goes and sits on the chair. Rakhi apologizes for her behavior Leela also apologizes.

Anupama tells that if from the next time both of them do something like this then she will give a long lecture to them. She warns both of them to stay in their limits. And asks Ankush and Barkha to come over there and do the rituals.

Barkha gives the gifts to Kinjal,Kinjal says why did they bring the gifts. She says that they are the Kapadiya’s and they do not give only fruits in the gifts.

Leela feels bad hearing this but she does not say anything or comment on this. Pakhi comes to do the ritual and she gets emotional.

In the latest episode of serial Anupama, Rakhi gets to know that Leela has given the polished jewelry to Kinjal and the jewelry are not new.

She insults the family in front of everyone and says that when they do not have the ability to give the jewelry then why did they give this one.

Rakhi says that do they don’t have the capability of giving the jewelry but they also want to show the people that’s why they have done this. Hasmukh asks her to behave herself.

Anupama handles this situation somehow. Leela says that now they should start with the ritual. Rakhi goes to start with the ritual but Leela tells that the ritual must be first done by Anupama.

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