Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th July 2022: New Twist! Pakhi becomes the surrogate mother

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Sai meets Geeta and her husband and she gets surprised to hear that someone has miss informed them. She gets angry on the person for giving the wrong information.

She requests both of them to come with her to the hospital and start with the procedure.Geeta gets ready and she apologized to her for misunderstanding her.

Geeta then tells her husband that they should help her. They go and sit inside the auto-rickshaw Virat calls her and asks that very she.

She says that both of them are coming to the hospital she asks him to start with the process and ask the doctor to get ready with everything.

Virat tries to explain to her that back she has already become the surrogate as Bhawani took the decision. But sai fails to hear this and she reaches Hospital.

After reaching the hospital she finds that Bhavan is over there she introduces geeta to Bhawani Bhawani tells that they are late.

Virat also comes there and Sai confronts him about the truth.Sai becomes furious at him. Bhavani tries to stop Sai, but the latter shows her anger towards her.

Sai prohibits Bhavani from interfering in her and Virat’s life. She tells Bhawan to stay out of her life and asks her not to get into the decisions of her life.

She notify about how someone manipulated Geeta and Yogesh against the surrogacy procedure.Sai gets suspicious about Pakhi.

Doctor brings Pakhi outside the cabin and she gets shocked to see Geeta over there.She gets tensed and thinks about a plan to save herself.

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