Bhagya Lakshmi S01-6th July 2022: Rishi and Aayush decide to find out the truth

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th july 2022

Lakshmi starts crying thinking that what has happened to the family she thinks that she wanted everything to get fine but everything happened just the opposite.

She blames herself for what happened in the house Rishi comes and sits beside her and tells her that she is not responsible for all this.

Lakshmi tell that she could have at least told someone about this but she did not that is her mistake but every she tells that she does not have any mistake it is his mistake.

He tells that he was avoiding her and he could not become a good husband and also not a good brother . But she stood by ahana and supported her.

He tells that the mistake made by ahana but everyone is blaming her for this. Malishka goes to Neelam and tells that she knows that she always comes with the problems.

Neelam says that she has to that told her to keep her voice down and he is not ready to speak to her and he went to speak to Laxmi first. Neelam says that it feels like someone has slapped her.

She tells that it is feeling like Lakshmi has taken the revenge all at once. Neelam tells that she can’t understand that why did this happen and why did Balwinder came to that house and told them that Lakshmi is Ayush pregnant.

Ayush goes to Lakshmi and hold her hand and he started slapping himself she asked that what is he doing he says that he has told her many bad things that’s why he is punishing himself.

He tells that from now he will be protecting her from all the odds.Lakshmi says issues are common in the family. She thanks him for returning his friend and Devar.

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