Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Sara warns Barkha to stop her mind games


Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Sara goes to Barkha and tells her that she should make Adhik understand. Barkha asks what should she make him understand.

Sara tells her that she knows what is happening in the house she tells her that she should make him understand that it is not casual in India like he used to date in the US.

She tells her that she knows very well how Adhik used to have flings and used to get so many girls in US but in India, it is not so casual.

She tells that if anything happens then many people will be getting hurt because of him and his dating. She tells us that he does not know about him.

Barkha says that it does not matter whether it does not know about his past or not. Sara 12 said it is very important and it matters that what does talking about him.

She tells Barkha that if she is not ready to tell anything to Adhik then she will make it sure that she reveals the truth in front of everyone.

Barkha says there is nothing to be told there is not truth that is hidden. She says that if Adhik is getting in a serious relationship that means he is improving.

Sara tell that if anything happens and if Anupama gets hurt then Anuj will be getting more hurt and then he will react in a very bad way.

She tells her that she should be controlling Adhik otherwise things will be going out of their hand and later on they won’t be able to control things.

On the other hand, Anupama tells pakhi and Adhik to concentrate on their career and to stop all these dating things over there.

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She makes both of them understand once again that there families don’t want all this then they should understand that they are making a mistake.

A lot of twists will be happen in the upcoming episode of Star Plus status of Anupama. Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show.

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