Anupama upcoming 20th July 2022: Pakhi not able to accept Anu as her sister

Anupama takes Anu to the school there she meets Pakhi she tells her that her the elder daughter has studied in the same school where her younger daughter will be studying.

Pakhi tells that it is not possible and she will not let this happen because she does not want Anu go to study in the same school. Hearing this everyone gets shocked.


She tells that if Anu gets admitted into the school then everyone will laugh on her and she will have to tolerate all those things and she does not want that.

Pakhi tells that for her she will face problems in college and everyone will taunt her. Anupama gets shocked to see her behavior towards Anu.

She tells that you will not differentiate between both her daughters and she will not change her decision she says that Anu will be studying in the same school and she will come to the school.

Pakhi says that they have to choice over here either and you will be studying in the school and if she does that then she will be leaving the college and she will never go to the college.

Anupama gets surprised to hear this Anuj also gets shocked.Vanraj stands still after this conversation. Pakhi tells that they have two options whether they have to choose her or Anu.

In the latest episode, Anupama and Anuj wake up in the morning and get shocked to see that their daughter is not in the room both of them panic.

Anuj tells Anupama that she need not panic because maybe she has gone to her room of Sara. Anupama tells that she has checked everywhere she is not anywhere in the house.

Suddenly they find that she is in the garden and she is watering the plants both of them gets impressed to see her over there. Anu comes over there and asks them whether she will make tea for them.

Anuj asks her whether she knows to make tea she says that she knows to make it but in all her friends was not allowed to put on the oven so if they can put on the oven she will make it for them.

Vanraj gets interview call and he tells the family members the good news everyone gets excited. On the other hand, It also came that and tells everyone that he has also got a call.

Kavya tells that after little anu has came to their house everyone is getting good news and maybe that is the start of a new time for them.

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