Anupama Latest Update 8th July 2022: Anupama catches Adhik and Pakhi together


Anupama Shocking Latest Update: Anuj helps Anupama to get ready to sleep. He makes her sleep on the other hand Leela gets into her room of Pakhi.

She asks Pakhi what was she doing for so long in the washroom. Pakhi tell that it is a washroom and she went there and she won’t play that what is she doing over there.

Leela tells that she can make fool of others but she can’t make her fool She Goes and sleeps beside her. On the other hand the next Anupama wakes up and goes to the kitchen.

Anuj finds that Anupama is very sad with the matter that has taken place the last day he tries to make her happy and dance in front of her.

She starts laughing he tells that she should always laugh like this because she does not look good when she’s sad both of them start making the breakfast.

Pakhi gets ready to leave for her college. Leela in forms vanraj that she was not sleeping till late night the other day. She tells that she is going for the college.

Vanraj tell that he will be dropping her to the college and he says that from now onwards she will be going with him to the college and he will go to pick up her from the college.

Kavya makes him understand that he is doing wrong thing by doing all this nothing will stop and it will become the opposite because Pakhi you will get angry.

Samar calls Anupama and informs her that vanraj has gone with Pakhi. He tells that he has done a wrong thing by doing on this.

Anuj and Anupama travels in an auto. Anupama drops Anuj at his office. Suddenly the auto stops and she asks the auto driver that what is the problem.

The drivers tells that he have to check. Anupama suddenly finds that party and Adhik both are with each other. She get shocked to see them together after what happened the last day.

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