Zee TV Kundali Bhagya latest update: What! Karan returns back to the Luthra house

Arjun tells that he will be leaving for his own house. Anjali tries to stop him but he does not listen to her and tells that he have to go from there.

The doctor comes and makes him understand that his condition is critical and he can forget everything once again.

He also tells urgent that there are some rules and regulations of the hospital and he can leave the place like this.

Arjun asks Anjali to give the cheque book he gives a blank cheque to the doctor and tells that we should give it to the owner of the hospital and ask him to sign it.

Arjun tells that he is not the owner of the hospital and his regulations and rules will be followed over there.

Preeta gets emotional thinking about Karan. Rishabh comes there and tell her what is she thinking of. She says that she told her the other day that everything that has been told by the Pandit has become truth.

She was that Karan is still alive. Rishabh says that Karan will be always alive in their hearts. The doctor tells Arjun that if he is not under observation then it can happen that he will forget everything that he has remembered.

Arjun gets ready to stay in the hospital but he warns the doctor that he should not do anything because of which he will lose his memories. The next day the manager comes to meet Arjun. Arjun tells that he has already fired him then why is he over there.

Anjali tell us that he was the one who has helped her a lot. Kavya tells that she won’t go to school because she is not well. Preeta tells them they have to call the doctor for the injection. Kavya tells that she is absolutely ok.

Preeta and Rishabh laughs along with Kavya. Karan gets into the Luthra mansion and he remembers everything and some memories. He finds Rishab and Preeta along with tab kid he gets surprised to see three of them and he follows them.

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