Zee TV Kundali Bhagya 13th-18th June 2022 weekly update

Kundali Bhagya

The Luthra family gets upset after losing Karan. The family does the last rituals for Karan and start living their life.

The family gets to know that Peter is pregnant. Everyone gets excited but Preeta breaks down completely thinking that Karan is not there with her.

Preeta feels very sad. On the other hand Mahesh decides that Rishab should take the responsibility of Preeta and the upcoming child.

He asks Rishabh to get married to her and take the responsibility. At first recharge of the nice to marry her he told that he can’t do that because she is the love of his brother.

Everyone makes him understand and at last he realizes that he must take the responsibility and he accepts to be the father of Karan’s child.

Rakhi makes Preeta understand that she needs a support and the child needs a father’s love. And Preeta also agrees to marry Rishabh.

The show takes early for 5 years. Rishabh goes for an auction. On the other hand Rakhi gets angry on Rishabh because he did not had the breakfast.

Preeta’s daughter Kavya tells that they must call and scold him. On the other hand Rishabh gives a good bidding in for the auction.

His competitor Arjun gets to know that Rishabh is bidding higher than him. He tells his men to beat higher than Rishabh.

But at last we share wins the auction by winning the heart of the owner. When Arjun gets to know he gets angry and things that who is Rishabh.

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