Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi Latest Spoiler Alert 7th June 2022

Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi

Zee TV Bhagya Lakshmi: The doctors come to check dadi.Malishka comes and asks whether the guests have arrived .

Malishka tells rishi to adjust his color. She goes to help her but Lakshmi comes and helps rishi. She tells rishi that it is not malishka’s duty.

She tells that she thought that Lakshmi was in the kitchen. The guests come to see Ahana. everyone introduces themselves.

Malishka tells that she is rishi’s fiance. Lakshmi fells bad hearing this she thinks that rishi even kept quiet and did not say anything.

Lakshmi tells ahana that she is looking wonderful and they must go downstairs to see the guest.Anhana and Gautam get introduced.

Gautam’s mother asks who is Lakshmi. Rishi tells that she is their wife. Lakshmi tells them that Malishka is just a friend of rishi.

But malishka tells them she is going to marry rishi soon after the divorce. Dadi asks ahana to take gautam to the room and speak to him.

Lakshmi notices in the kitchen that the bags are missing. Lakshmi asks Mukesh if he saw the bags come from the market. 

Malishka comes there and asks lakshmi that how will she make the continental food.she tink that may she is the one who has stolen the things from there.

Lakshmi asks Malishka but she tells Lakshmi that she won’t do anything which causes damage to the family’s reputation.

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