Starplus Anupama Today Episode 603, June 14th 2022

Anupama tells sorry to everyone. She asks the waiter to keep the drink bottles outside the room because they will do the pooja over there.

Anuj also tells everyone to sit in the Puja. Barkha thinks that she has invited a big businessman to the party and everyone will be sitting in the Puja now.

Anupama Today Episode

She sees that Anupama and Anuj along with the family have started shifting the furniture and she gets shocked.

Anuj and Anupama clean the flour to start the pooja. Everyone sits for the Puja and starts with the rituals. Adhik and Pakhi look at each other.

Kavya tells that Anupama is very lucky because she got a NRI family and has found such a loving husband as Anuj.

The priest tells Anupama take the Kalash and enter the house. Barkha tells Ankush that of Anupama I was not there then she would have done all this.

He says that then the media would have covered her. Ankush says that she does not like Puja she says that she does not like Puja but she likes attention and power.

Anupama comes and holds her hand she gets surprised. She says that both of them will be entering the house together she gets happy.

Anuj tells that and he and Ankush will be falling both of them from behind. The priest does the other rituals and tells Anupama to put the hand marks on the wall.

Barkha stops Anupama and says that she can’t do this because the colour of the wall is very costly. Anupama makes her understand that she can’t let the ritual be complete.

Leela also tells Barkha that they must do the rituals properly. Anuj comes with the sheet and says that they will put the hand marks on the paper and later on paste it on the wall.

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