Starplus Anupama S01,9th June 2022:Barkha gets shocked to see Sara and Anupama together

Anupama 9th june 2022

Anupama 9th June 2022:Anupama tells sorry to anuj .Anuj says that if something happens to him what wll happen to her .

Anuj says that he wants to secure her future so he s doing all this.She gets upset with Anuj. Anuj cheers up Anupama.

Anuj helps Anupama to get ready .he tells that girls have a different glow on their faces when they go to their parent’s house.

He put the flower on anupama’s hair.Sara comes there and tells that she also want to learn how to wear a saare.

Anupama says to Anuj to stop wearing black shirt she tells that when he wera a black shirt all the girls start commenting on his post.

Anupama assures her that she will teach her how to wear a saare.Sara tells to Anupama that she adores her and wants to be like her.

Sara tell that she inspires her. Barkha hears this and gets upset.Sara tells to Anupama, Anuj and Barkha that she wants to shop at local market.

Barkha gives her the card to do the shopping.Sara asks her to give cash.Sara and adhik starts fighting.Anupama misses Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi.

Barkha tells that she would start the house renovation.Anuj asks Anupama to accompany Barkha.Samar, Partiosh and Pakhi surprises Anupama.

Anuj introduces the kids to ankush and barkha.Ankush praises Anupama’s fitness.Anuj says that they have came from USA.

Anupama gets excited to go to the shah house.Barkha says that anupama already has 3 kids and now kinjal will have a kid.

She asks Anukush if Anuj’s property will have lot many shares.Anupama gets a warm welcome in the shah house.Anupama tells everyone about anuj’s family.

Barkha tells anuj that he has given the signing authority to anupama but someone else shouls also have the signing authority. But anuj disagrees with her.

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