Starplus Anupama S01 Episode 602 -13 June 2022 Update

The Shah family enters the house Anuj gets happy . He takes the blessings from the elders. Barkha watches all this and she gets shocked to see that Anuj is so close to the family.

Leela tells Anuj that he should ask his security guard to be a bit polite. Anuj asks Anupama that what happened Anupama tell that nothing has happened.


Hasmukh gives a gift to Barkha. Barkha feels awkward seeing the gifts she asks the waiter to take the gifts from there and keep it on the table.

Anuj says that he will like to introduce them with his brother. He introduces the shah family to Ankush. Barkha signals the waiter to keep the gifts under the table.

Vanraj observes all this.Samar meets sara. Sara tells him that he came to that house stalking her. He says that he came to that house because it is his mother’s house.

Sara asks whether he is the son of Anupama. Both of them get surprised to know that both of them are relatives.Samar introduces Paritosh and Kinjal to her.

On the other hand Pakhi meets Adhik. He says that she has came they are following him. She says that it is her mother’s house.

Kinjal, Paritosh, Sara,Samar come there and introduces themselves to Adhik. On the other hand Anuj asks Anupama that what has happened outside the house.

Anupama tells that nothing happened. She says that the name of the Shah family was not there in the guest list.

Anuj tells that maybe Barkha has made that guest list. Anuj tells I love you to Anupama. Anupama also tells I love you to him.

Barkha calls everyone in the hall. She says that there is two good news. Barkha says that Anuj Kapadiya is back to rule the Kapadia Empire and second of all it is a party for the new house.

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Barkha asks Anuj to tell something Anuj , thanks everyone for coming there he tells that business, House everything he has is owned by his wife Anupama.

Anuj asks Anupama to tell something, but before Anupama could say something Barkha plays the music she asks Anuj to open the Champagne bottle.

Anupama goes and stops to Party music and puts on the puja songs. Barkha says that it is a the party and they will play the music.

Anu tells that they will play the music and there is no problem with that she says that everything will happen after the Puja.

Barkha says that many business Associates, her friends over there and you will not be sitting in the Puja. Anupama tells that everyone will sit in the Puja.

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