Starplus Anupama S01 Ep604 ,15th June 2022:Anupama gets angry at Mrs.Mehta

Anupama 15th June 2022: the Panditji completes the last ritual. Anuj and Barkha both bring some presents for Anupama.

Anuj says that he has also brought something for Anupama. Both of them open the present together and Anupama finds that it is the nameplate.

Anupama 15th june 2022

She finds that in Barkha’s nameplate it is written Kapadia’s and in the nameplate of Anuj, her name is written over there.

Anuj tells barkha that actually the house belongs to Anupama so he has made the nameplate where only her name is written.

Barkha says that the house belongs to Anupama but all of them will be living there. Anupama says that they will use both the nameplates.

Anupama asks to start the party. Barkha gets irked. Anupama tells Hasmukh that she is very scared of the new house.

She says that she has never stayed in such a big house ever and it is first time in her life that she is staying over there.

Hasmukh says that she should not worry about this because the main thing is that Anuj loves her and respect her.

Vanraj meets Ankush. Ankush tells that in foreign countries it is very common that after divorce the man and the women are still friends.

He says that but he is seeing the first time in India. He says him that is proud that he has chosen need over ego.

Vanraj says that Ankush has returned from US after so many years that means that there is some need. He says that it is good that he has also returned for his need.

Hasmukh burps in front of the guests and a lady insults him in front of everyone.Vanraj comes there and asks to behave yourself.

Mrs Mehta says that it is so disgusting she starts insulting everyone. Anuj and Anupama comes and asks that what is going on.

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Anupama gets angry after knowing that the lady has insulted her smoke.Anupama lashes out Mehta and Barkha to the blues for disrespecting Hasmuk. She demands Mrs. Mehta to apologize to her father.

Anuj says that Anupama is absolutely right Mrs .Mehta spoken to Hasmukh in a long way and she has insulted him.

Anuj also asks her to apologize to her smoke he says that everyone is waiting for her. Ankush tells that they must end all this.

Ankush Apologise on behalf of her Anupama says that he should not tell sorry because he is not responsible for all this.Anupama asks Ankush to let Mehta apologize.

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