Starplus Anupama S01 Ep 615 ,28th June 2022 :Anupama gets stressed thinking about the baby shower ceremony

Anupama 28th June 2022

Anupama 28th June 2022: Anupama notices that pakhi is chatting with adhik.She then thinks that today’s gen do not differentiate between girl and boy and such friendship exists.

Barkha gets angry with Ankush because he had accepted the invitation to go to the baby shower ceremony of Kinjal.

He tells Barkha that they should not behave like this because they have invited them out of love. She says that there is no love they have just invited them due to formality.

Sara gets angry at Barkha shouts at her she says that why she is always like this. She asks her why can’t she stay together with all the family members.

She tells that she should not do all this. Ankush takes her side and tells that she is absolutely right. Adhik next Barkha understands and tell her to visit the baby shower ceremony.

Barkha understands him.Shah’s dance and gets excited for baby shower. Leela says none is missing Vanraj and Kavya.

Later Pakhi texts Adhik and says she can’t wait to see him and anupama spots Pakhi with mobile again.Kavya asks Vanraj if his presentation is ready.

Vanraj tells that Kinjal might be busy in selecting her dress. He comes back to the reality and tells that Kinjal might be selecting her dress.

Kavya says to Vanraj that job is important but baby shower is equally important. Leela prepares the Dupatta for Kinjal.

She asks Hasmukh to bring the jewelry gift to Kinjal. He asks her that why she hide her motherly love with her anger.

Anupama gets stressed thinking what will happen when Barkha, Rakhi and Leela will come under one roof.

Anuj flirts with Anupama. Both complement each other. Samar comes and tells anupama that everything is ready.Kinjal gets excited for her baby shower.

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