Starplus Anupama Episode 6th June 2022: Barkha decides to stay with Anuj and Anupama


The episode starts with Anuj and Anupama. She tells him that she is very happy because now she feels that the family is complete.

She tells him that after Barkha and Ankush has came to their house the family is complete.Anuj agrees with her. 

On the other hand Pakhi speaks to the boy, she tells him that she has came there with her brothers. The boy says that but she has came with no one.

The boy tells that she can check him out. Paritosh finds that the boy is speaking to Pakhi and he goes there thinking that the boys time to flirt with her.

Barkha starts serving the food to Anuj and Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama whether you should cook something Indian food for her.

Anupama says that she wants to taste the food made by Barkha. GK comes over there and Anupama takes the blessings from him.

They ask GK to come there and join them for the food but he give the excuse and goes to his room for taking rest.

Barkha tells the house needs some renovation, Anuj tells that they are making their new house. Barkha says that then she will be doing the interior decoration of the house.

Anuj tells that then she should first speak to Anupama because she is the owner of the house.Toshu gets into an argument with the guy Pakhi tells to show that actually she was helping her.

Samar meets a girl and gets to know that she loves dancing, he hears the voice toshu and Pakhi and he goes there.

Vanraj get sorry about the children, Hasmukh tell him not to worry. He tells that he is very insecure because fast Anupam has left him.

And now he is leaving him but he can’t, deal if his kids also leaves him all alone. Barkha tell that they are planning to settle in India now.

They, further add that they are even looking for a new house to live in. Anuj and Anupama convince him to stay over there as a family.

Toshu, Samar, and Pakhi reach home.Samar gets emotional when he finds that his father is waiting for them to have dinner together.

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