New twist! Anupama: Barkha gets angry with Anupama


StarPlus release of Anupama is one of the most loved TV serials. The show has never failed to entertain the audience.

The audience of the show has given lots of love to the show from the first then the makers of the show have always come up with some new twist.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Barkha comes into the kitchen and she gets surprised to see all the stuff over there.

She asks why is the kitchen filled up with steel and plastic utensils. She asks whose is this kind of utensils.

Anupama says that the things that she can see over there are her thing she says that her relationship with the kitchen is very old.

Anupama tells that it is not feeling like it is her own kitchen. Barkha gets angry because of all this. And she gets irritated by her.

On the other hand, pakhi puts her mobile on charge. The wallpaper on her phone is of her and Adhik.

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In the latest episode, It is seen that Anuj tells Barkha that she should not hurt Anupama because if Anupama gives her he also feels the heart.

Anuj tells all this to Barkha indirectly Barkha asks him what is he trying to say. He tells that she is educated and she can understand what is he trying to say.

On the other hand Pakhi tells that she has decided that she will be staying with Anupama the half of the day.

Samar tells her that he knows very well her intention that why does she want to stay with Anupama. Leela tells that they should stay away from their family.

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