Meet Update 6th June 2022: Meet saves herself from shanty’s trap

Meet 6th June 2022

The Babaji tells meet to go and perform some rituals. Deep comes there and he gets hurt the Babaji that this is not a good symbol.

He asks deep to leave. He tells meet to go alone. Meet ahlawat tells meet to be careful while going. Meet goes from there.

Shanty thinks that how he and his men had laid a trap by putting the electric wire into the water. The lights go off.

Everyone tries to figure out what happened. Shanty thinks that meet is dead . But he gets surprised when meet comes there.

She tells that she has put off the main switch. She Tells everyone what has happened in the washroom. She tells that there was an electric wire.

Rajvardhan tells Babita that it must be tired because meet has knowledge about all these. Meet ahlawat gets angry he tells how can this happen.

She asks everyone what would have happened if meet did not see the wire. Meet ask him to cool down and pray to God that nothing has happened.

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