Kundali bhagya:New Beginning ! A baby girl to comes into Preeta’s life

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya has always entertained the audience. The makers of the show are coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode.

Kundali Bhagya

Then makers are planning to bring a leap of 5 years in the show. It will be very interesting to know that what will be happen in the upcoming episodes.

Kundali Bhagya latest episode update:

Srishti and Sameer somehow manages to take away Sherlyn from the Mandap. Rakhi finds them carrying someone.

Rakhi calls them from behind and asks why are they taking Preeta when she should be city in the Mandap.

She asks them whether they does not want both of them to get married. Shristi reveals that it is not Preeta it is Sherlyn.

Rakhi asks that how can Sherlyn enter the house that to after all that has happened she gets angry at her and slap her.

She asks about Preeta. Srishti he explains that has happened to Preeta and the plan of Prithvi. She says that she needs her help.

Sameer goes and puts a gas into the room where Prithvi and Preeta is sitting. As soon as the gas enters the room Prithvi starts coughing.

Everyone gets into the room and replaces Preeta with Sherlyn. Preeta tells them that how did we kidnapped her from there.

Preeta sits beside Rishabh and gets married to him. After 5 years Everything changes. Preeta comes and takes blessings from dadi.

Rakhi asks Preeta about Rishabh she gets angry at him Sameer says that he has went to an auction. Rakhi gets angry at Rishabh she says that after he has started the new businesses he only concentrate on his work.

She asks Preeta to call him immediately and tell that Rakhi has prepared food for him and he should be back to home and have the breakfast. She tells that if he doesn’t have the breakfast then he will be having acidity.At that moment the little girl comes from upstairs everyone stares at her.

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