Kundali bhagya upcoming story: A new man to enter preeta’s life , Who is he?

Kundali bhagya upcoming story: Welcome to another gossip about the upcoming story of Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya.

Kundali bhagya upcoming story

The fans are very upset because Karan is no more. As it is shown in the show that Karan falls down into a dam. And after that, the police comes to the Luthra house and inform said one that they had found a dead body.

The family goes to see the body and finds many similarities with Karan. Everyone based and completely after losing the elder son of the house.Later Preeta also gets to know that she is pregnant and the family gets more emotional.

A promo has been released on YouTube which is going buy viral. According to the promo new character will be introduced in the show. The character will be played by actor Shakti Arora.

In the promo it is been seen that after 5 years everything is changed preeta has given birth to a baby girl and they are living their lives and trying to move on from their past.

Preeta and Rishabh along with the girl goes out for shopping when the girl gets excited and starts Walking Alone on the road.

The girl gets stuck in the middle of the road everyone gets scared. When a man takes entry. He comes and saves the girl.

Preeta and Rishabh thanks him for saving the girl when the man tells them that they should not thank him.

He also adds that the people who takes life should not speak about saving life. And he takes the girl and gets into a car.

Rishabh and Preeta run after the car to stop the car but they fail to stop the car. Preeta starts crying after losing her daughter.

Who is the man ?

Do the man have any relation with Karan ?

Stay tuned to us for the latest news and updates of the show and keep on watching Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya.

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