Kundali Bhagya episode 22 June 2022: Karan is back!

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta goes to her room and locks the room from the inside. The Pandit tells everyone that they should not be wrong because Karan is still alive.

He tells that he has seen it with his own eyes. She says that when he was doing the Pooja he saw Karan and Preeta getting married and she can’t be wrong.

After hearing this everyone gets surprised. The Pandit goes from there after giving the personal belonging of Karan.

Rakhi realise is that it was the same think that they took when they went to see the body of Karan the last time.

After all this Rishabh goes to meet Preeta he says that he will not stop her from crying but she must open the door.

Rakhi gosh they are Rishabh makes her understand that he will manage everything and she should give some space to Preeta.

Preeta opens the door and tells Rishabh that she wished that nothing that the Pandit has told is true and it is not a lie.

On the other hand the Rakhi also wished that whatever the Pandit has told is absolutely true and Karan will return to that house.

Kareena tries to make her understand but she gets Adamant with her thoughts she tells that current will get back to that house one day.

On the other hand Arjun gets up in the hospital shouting the name of preeta. Later the doctor tries to bring back his memory and asks about him.

He tells that he is Karan Luthra he goes sees his face in the mirror and tells that this is not his face. He asks Anjali but what has they done to his face

Anjali tells that need he knows everything and she will tell him everything. Nidhi tells everything to Arjun. She tells him how she found him in the lake.

Then the doctor told that his face was destroyed by the crocodile that’s why they have to do the plastic surgery.

She also had that at that moment he lost his memory because of which she gave the name Arjun to him. Arjun tells that they have done very bad with him.

Nidhi breaks down completely that revealing the truth. Anjali asks Arjun whether he remember everything or not.

He says that he has remembered everything she knows that she is Anjali and the one he was speaking to was Nidhi. He tells that he will be going back to his family.

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