Kundali Bhagya episode 21st june 2022 ‘Big Update’: Is Arjun actually Karan?

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya episode 21st june 2022: Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya is one of the most loved TV serials and the makers of the show are coming up with a new twist in the upcoming episodes.

According to the promo in the upcoming episode it will be seen that the priest tears the garland from the photo of Karan.

He tells that this kind of garland is not used for decorating something he says that the person who is not in this world can only be decorated with this garland.

Rishabh gets angry on him and tells that it is his brother’s photo on the wall. He tells that his brother is no more with them.

The priest says that Karan is still alive and he still in the world. Preeta gets surprised to hear this, she gets a new hope.

On the other hand Arjun struggles in the hospital and he wakes up shouting the name of Preeta. The other hand in the luthra house everyone gets shocked to know that Karan is still alive.

In the latest episode of serial Kundali Bhagya It is seen that Rishabh wins the auction by giving the best bid.

Arjun decides to come to India and to get the deal. His fiance gets angry at him because it is there waiting and he will be not staying with her.

He tells that he will come back to London as soon as he finishes his work in India. But after coming to India he meets an accident.

On the other hand suddenly Preeta feels that something is going to be long and something is wrong. She thinks that maybe Kavya is in danger.

She tries to find out Kavya and finally she finds out we are playing. She keeps something that would issue feeling like this.

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