Kundali Bhagya episode 20 June 2022 spoiler alert: OMG! Preeta feels that something is wrong

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun decides to come to India to get back the hotel contract. He keeps on looking at the file and he thinks that Rishabh looks like a sweet guy.

He thinks that Preeta is just a housewife he reaches India and he gets call from his fiance. She tells him that only 6 days are left now.

He tells that how can it be possible she has told her that he needs 7 days she says that already one day is gone.

Arjun tells that she did not to worry he will go there at the right time. On the other hand Rishabh also goes to the same place.

Arjun goes to cross the road and a car comes and knocks him down he meets an accident the people over there takes him to the hospital.

His manager gets to know that he has met an accident. Is on the other hand suddenly Preeta starts feeling awkward.

She feels that something is wrong she tries to understand her instinct. She predict that maybe Kavya is is in danger.

Preeta tries to find out Kavya in each and every room and finally she finds her out she finds that she is playing.

She keeps something that why she feeling like this. Sameer comes home and asks Srishti to help him out he asks her to give the dress which we can wear in the pooja.

Shristi says that she can do all these and both of them start are giving. Kareena says that both of them are always like this and sometimes they argue without any reason.

Rakhi gets shocked to know that the priest is coming to their house. She tells that the person who is coming to they are house for the puja is a very big priest.

Preeta gets to know that how the priest predicted that after the wedding of Rakhi and Mahesh they will have they are first child Rishabh after three years and then they will have Karan.

And the priest also told that both the brothers will be married to the sisters. Preeta says that it is very good that he is coming.

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