Kundali Bhagya episode 10th June 2022 spoiler alert: Is Karan dead?Preeta breaks down completely

Kundali Bhagya episode 10th June 2022

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Prithvi gets to know that Preeta is going to be a mother he gets angry.

He tells Sherlyn that once the Luthra family gets to know that Preeta is pregnant with the baby of Karan then know what you will ask her to get out.

Prithvi says that after knowing the truth everyone will keep her in the house and she will be enjoying in the house.

Sherlyn says that they can tell everyone that the baby is not current’s. On the other hand Mahesh requests Rishabh to marry preeta.

He gets shocked to hear this he says that he can’t do this because everybody knows that Preeta is Karan’s love. And he can’t marry the love of his brother.

A lot of drama is going on in Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya. In the latest episode It is seen that Karan Falls into the dam.

The family members tries to save him but the police sends the Rescue Team. Later on the police comes to the Luthra House.

The police informed that they have found a dead body. Preeta says that nothing can happen to Karan and he is absolutely ok.

Police says that she can police tells that he can understand that what is she going through at this moment.

Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and the updates of the show and keep on watching Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya.

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