Kundali bhagya 1st June 2022 Latest Update

Kundali Bhagya

Rishabh stop the marriage and he tells the truth in front of the family he tells Karan that it is Preeta due to home he is alive.

He tells everyone that someone told lie and he got into a drug case. He tells that it was so dangerous that she was about to die.

She tells that it was preeta who came to Dubai and told the police that he is innocent and she should the prove to them that’s why the government let him come back to his home.

Everyone gets surprised hearing on this from him. Rishab tells that Karan is doing a wrong thing and if he is thinking of living Preeta he should not do that.

Karan asks that who is the person who has done all this to him. He tells that the person is in the house. Prithvi gets afraid hearing this.

Rishabh asks Prithvi whether he will tell the name or not. Karan starts beating him. Preeta throws Prithvi out of the house.

He also tells everyone that it was Shaolin who was having an affair with Prithvi. He hugs the family and everyone gets emotional.

On the other hand Preeta also gets emotional and she starts crying all alone. She starts thinking that why each and everything she have to prove herself that she loves Karan.

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