Hotstar Anupamaa New Twist: Rakhi decides the baby shower ceremony of kinjal


Anupama is presently ruling our television screens. The track of the show is quite interesting and the audience is very excited .

Anu takes the mop from hushmukh and put it rakhi’s leg.She gets angry on her.nupama says despite knowing none walks in Shah house with the shoe, she came inside.

She starts cleaning the floor, Rakhi gets shocked to see her cleaning the floor Leela tell her to stop doing all these things.

Anuj tells that there is no nothing bad in this because she is cleaning the floor of her own house. Rakhi tells that she has learnt something from her sources.

She says that she has got to know that how burka has humiliated the family when they went to meet them.Kinjal side Anupama and asks Rakhi if she didn’t learned how Anupama handled the situation.

Rakhi asks Kinjal Dave that where did she go, she tells that she was having a night party with Anupama at her place.

Later on Rakhi tells everyone that she has decided to do the baby shower the next day everyone gets shocked to hear this.

Leela says that this is not possible because they have to prepare things. She tells that they need not do anything because she has prepared all the things.

She says that the baby shower ceremony will be taking place at her house. Leela says that is not possible because the baby shower ceremony takes place at the in-laws.

Stay tuned for the latest spoilers and updates of the show and keep on watching StarPlus release of Anupama.

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