Hotstar Anupama Ep 614 – 27th June 2022: Anuj and Anupama gets romantic


Hasmukh apologizes to Anuj for the behavior of Leela. Anuj tells that he is hurt but it’s ok. Anuj tells him not to apologize to him.

Paritosh Thinks that if Anupama has gone to make leela understand then maybe everything will be fine. Anupama and leela argue with each other.

Leela does not agree to abide by the Kapadia in the baby shower ceremony, Hasmukh comes there and tells that if she does not invite he will be inviting them.

Bapuji calls Barkha, and apologize to her for the behaviour of her son the last day. He tells that everything should be forgotten and they should start with a new beginning.

He tells about the baby shower ceremony and invites them for the ceremony. Ankush assures him that they will be coming for the ceremony.

Sara gets excited for the ceremony but Adhik and Barkha gets angry. Hasmukh tells her to speak to Anuj because he is hurt.

On the other hand leela calls vanraj and inform him about the baby shower ceremony.Vanraj tell that this is not possible because they are not at home.

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Leela tell that she has told all of them but no one has heard her. Hearing the news Kavya also get surprised.She then affirms welcoming the Kapadia family in the most unexpected way. 

Anupama speaks to Anuj. Both of them gets romantic.Samar comes soon there. Anupama tells Anuj that she will be staying at the house for the preparations.

Anuj allows her to stay over there. Everyone contributes for the baby shower ceremony.Vanraj tells Leela that he got emotional but it is ok.

Vanraj tells that at the last he will be the grandfather of the child so there is no problem. He tells that now it is very important to get the job than any other thing.

He tells Leela that he has some money in the pocket of the black shirt and she should take it for the arrangements. Anuj and Anupama also contribute to the baby shower ceremony.

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