Anupamaa Update Saturday 11th June 2022:Barkha insults the shahs

Anupama 11 june 2022

Anuj and Anupama travels to the new house. Anupama gets excited and asks that how much time more they will need to reach the house.

Anuj says that they will reach soon they reach the house all the press and media people comes to speak with them.

Anupama says that can she open the expensive necklace because she has not stayed in such an expensive house as the cost of the necklace.

Anuj says that nothing will happen because he is with her he opens the door and helps Anupama to come out of the car.

Everyone starts asking Anuj and Anupama about their new house. Before Anuj and Anupama could say anything Barkha reaches there.

The press persons asks Barkha that for how much time there in India they say that they will be in India Forever. She says that their family is over here.

Anupama tells that she does not know anyone over here. The people asks to show their house. Barkha says that they will show their house .

Anuj says that they will not show their house now and they will wait for the family to come over here and then they will show the house. She says that she does not know that when the family will be coming.

Barkha and Ankush open the door of the house and everyone enters the house wearing the shoes. On the other hand the Shah family also travels towards the house.

Anupama says that there is a Pooja in the house and they should obey the rules. She tells that they have not even done the Puja and everyone has enter the house that to wearing the shoes.

Anupama sticks the sticker of Ganpati on the wall. And then Anuj and Anupama enters the house. The Shah Family comes into the house.

But the receptionist asks them to stop he says that they can’t in the house because your name is not in the guest released.

Vanraj and tells to call Anupama she feels insulted in front of everyone. Pakhi says that she must call Anupam and ask her to come over there.

Anupama waits for her family to come. Our waiter comes and tells Barkha about the family. She goes down to meet the family.

Barkha asks the Shah family who are they she insults them in front of everyone and Barmer comes from behind and says that it is her family.

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Anupama tells sorry to her family for the insult she tells worker that she must know her family because from now they will keep on coming to their house.

Anupama invites everyone to come into the house. Hasmukh tells Leela to forget the insult and to come into the house and celebrate.

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