Anupama S01 Ep 611-23 June 2022 :Barkha Adds Fuel To Anupama And Anuj’s Argument


Anupama 23 June 2022:Anuj tell that he wont like if leela or vanraj tell anything to anupama. He tells that she must stay away from the shah family for few days.

He tells that he doesnot know that what will happen the next time .Anuj says he can control his anger to a point else what he will do next he himself is clueless.

Anu tells that kinjal is pregnant and she cant stay away from them.She tells that she will handle vanraj.Anuj tells that she has stayed with vanraj for 26 years but could not handle him.

Pakhi says to Vanraj that he is accusing her.She tells that she did not knew that the accident would happen.Vanraj corrects Pakhi for her misbehaviour.

Leela comes and asks what has happened vanraj tells about the accident.Pakhi says to Vanraj that visiting Anupama’s place is not wrong.[Also | Anupama Hotstar Upcoming Story 24th June 2022]

Pakhi leaves the place. Vanraj says to Hasmuk that his children are ashamed of him.Anupama and anuj argue.Anuj tells that it was just and accident and vanraj said so many things to her.

Anupama says to Anuj that her children are the reason for her to bear Vanraj. Anuj asks her not to defend vanraj. Taking this opportunity Barkha takes the side of Anuj.

She tells Anupama that because of Shah’s she is ignoring Anuj.Anuj think Anupama is good and thinks everyone is like her.

Later Ankush tells Barkha that she was intentionally increasing the argument between Anuj and Anupama.Sara also tells that Ankush is absolutely right.

Anuj and Anupama apologize to each other. Anuj and Anupama patch up. Both hug each other. 

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