Anupama Latest episode Update: Rakhi instigates Vanraj against Anuj

Anupama Latest episode

Anupama Latest Episode Update: All the women of the house helps Kinjal to get ready. Pakhi announces to everyone that Kinjal is coming to the hall and everyone gets excited to see her.

Kinjal was about to slip due to her saree but Anuj saves her and helps her to walk. Seeing this Paritosh gets nervous and looks for all the arrangements.

Everyone makes her sit on the swing. Leela calls Vanraj and shows him the preparations for the baby shower ceremony.

Vanraj asks whether Kinjal is absolutely fine or not she says that everything is ok and enjoying is enjoying the moment.

He prays to God that everything should always be ok and she should always be happy like this. Rakhi finds that Leela is speaking to vanraj.

She takes the mobile phone from her and starts speaking to him. She makes him angry and tells him that she was supposed to be there.

She says that actually instead of him Anuj is doing all the rituals for the baby and it seems to be that he will only become the grandfather of the baby.

Leela tells her to stop telling all this to her son but she does not listen and continues to tell all this to him. Vanraj feels bad and gets sad and he cuts the call after some time.

Rakhi sees a receipt and gets furious seeing the bill for polishing the jewelry. She insults everyone and tells that when they do not have the capability of giving something then why did they do all this.

Anupama handles the situation and then Leela ties the thread to Kinjal to protect her child. Rakhi goes to do the ritual, but Leela stops her and ask Anupama to do it before Rakhi.

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