Anupama Episode 7th June (Tuesday) 2022


Anuj and Anupama spends time together Anuj tells Anupama that he is extremely happy today. Anupama says that she is also happy because the family is complete.

Anupama tells that when dream comes true it becomes very exciting she says that she always had this dream of our family and it is true now.

Both of them share their feelings to each other. On the other hand Ankush tells Barkha that how he used to play with another when both of them their small and they never feel that their cousin.

Barkha tells that it there kids are loving the city. Anuj asks Anupama whether she’ll be having problem is Barkha and Ankush agrees to stay with them.

Anupama tells him not to tell all these things ever. She says that you’ll never have problem.Later Anuj and Anupama speaks to Leela and Hasmukh.

She tells them that they have a big surprise for them with their will and they will give the surprise after they come to the house.

Leela prays to God that Anupama should be happy like this. Barkha goes mad at Ankush she tells him to be practical and to take the decision.

She tells that he should tell the truth to Anuj that he has wind up his business because he could not make it. She asks him to speak to another as soon as possible.

Ankush tells that he will be speaking to his brother Anuj but not now he will take some time. Barkha says that they have lived a type of lifestyle and now they can’t live like this.

She tells that she can’t live in this house and she will be going to another house. Ankush says that he loves staying in this house.

Barkha tells that he is old-fashioned that’s why he loves to stay in this house. On the other hand Anuj and Anupama prepares some milk for Barkha and Ankush.

Anupama and Anuj what will happen if there does not like the milk. Anuj says that he also doesn’t know because he and Ankush used to like it when they were kids.

Barkha asks Anukush to think about their daughter and her brother. Barkha pleads Anukush to ask Anuj for partnership in business. Anuj and Anupama get shocked seeing them shouting at each other.

Pakhi thinks about the boy made in the party.Vanraj comes there and pakhi shows the videos and pictures of the party.

On the other hand anuj and Anupama tells that they have done a mistake because Ankush and Barkha both were having some important talk and they went into the room.

Anuj stares at Anupama, and both of them speak about adapting anu. Anupama tells that now they are husband wife and after some days they will be parents.

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