Anupama 18th-25th June 2022 Weekly Update


Anupama: this week It is seen that Anuj and Anupama and the whole Kapadia family celebrates the night party along with the kids.

Barkha gets surprised to see the Shah family over there. Sara tells them that they have invited them over there to spend the night with them.

During the party, Kinjal falls down and everyone gets shocked Anuj takes her to the hospital immediately. Vanraj gets to know about the accident and reaches the cup at your house.

Vanraj goes and starts blaming Barkha for all that has happened Ankush asks him to behave himself because he is speaking to his wife.

Later on, Anupama comes home and tells that nothing has happened bad with them and everything is ok and the baby and Kinjal both are fine.

Vanraj tell that his children will never come to that house anymore and try to take away Kinjal from there but Kinjal tells that she needs Anupama.

He warns Anupama and tells her that she should return home within the next day. Anuj gets angry on vanraj for his behaviour with Anupama.

Anuj and Anupama argue later on Anuj ask Anupama to stay away from the family because the family always creates problems in her life but Anupama tells that she can’t do that thing because Kinjal is pregnant.

Barkha takes your opportunity and takes the side of Anuj she says that due to the Shah family they always have to face difficulties but Anupama says that she will not let the problems of the adults come between the children.

Anupama and Anuj both feel bad after the argument and both apologize to each other and tells them that they will not keep these things in their heart. Anuj welcomes Anupama for their first fight after the wedding. Barkha get shocked to know that both of them are together again.

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