Anupama 10th June 2022, Episode 600:Will Vanraj go for the Griha Pravesh

Anupama 10th June 2022: the episode starts with Anupama. She spends time with the Shah family. She asks Kinjal when is the next appointment with the doctor because she will like to go with her.

Anupama 10th June 2022

Vanraj tell that he need not worry because you will take care of that. On the other hand Anuj tells Barkha that he does not think that Anupama will leave him when he will need her.

Anupama tell that Meenu’s birthday is coming and they should plan something. Lila says that she has already planned to give her something.

She then says that she will be making tea for everyone Leela stops her and says that she has gone to make the tea.

She says that she can do all this on her on Leela says that they can’t let guests do all this. On the other hand Ankush tells Barkha that he has told her before to have some patience.

Anuj enter the Shah house anyone gives him a warm welcome.Samar tells that he has came before time. Anu says that he is on time.

Samar tell him to wait and they will give him tea. Anu says that he will not have tea today because it is the good day to have some sweets.

He says that he has good news for everyone be announced to everyone that. It is there Griha Pravesh the next day and everyone should be present there.

He Invites the entire Shah family. Anuj and Anupama returns to their own house. Barkha tells Ankush that she has invited all the members related to the Kapadia business.

Ankush asks that was she inviting business people in a family Puja. She says that first she will enter the house and then I will enter the business.

Anuj gifts an expensive necklace to Anupama and Anupama asks the price of the necklace. Anuj denies to say it but Anupama asks him to tell the price.

Anuj tells that the necklace costs 80 lacs. Anupama gets unconscious. Anuj puts water on her face. Anupama says that she can’t wear such an expensive necklace.

But Anuj makes her wear the necklace. The next Anupama gets ready to go for the Griha Pravesh. She calls and tells vanraj to come with entire family.

Kavya insists vanraj to visit and go to the Griha Pravesh with the family.Vanraj agrees to go Anupama prays to got that everything must stay fine.

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