Zee Tv Meet ‘BIG TWST’: Meet Ahlawat and Meet to get DIVORCED?


In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that meet ahlawat tells meet that when he sees at her face he finds a police inspector not his wife.

He also adds that meet spends still life with him as his wife then she will have to face the failures that it is far better than taking a transfer.

Meet ahlawat asks her to take a transfer in go from there so that he does not have to see her face anymore. Rajvardhan then announces that he has a way out.

He tells the family that when there is so many problems between meet ahlawat and meet then there is one way they can get free forever.

Rajvardhan tells in front of everyone that his son and meat should get divorced and then they can leave the their life in the way they want.

In the latest episode It is seen that how meet arrested Shanty.Later on meet comes back home and finds that her husband is waiting there for her.

She asks him to go and sleep but he says that he will not sleep because he wants to serve the food to her today. After eating the food she says that she will not serve the food to him.

Meet ahlawat tell that there is no need for have to serve the food because he will take it on his own. Then he tells her how he feels for her.

The next day he tells meet that she should go away from there and he also gives the transfer application to her. He tells her to put any place that she wants to go to.

The fans of the show are very excited to know what is waiting for them in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned with us for latest finance and the updates of the show and keep watching Zee TV daily soap ‘MEET’.

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