Zee Tv Kundali Bhagya – May 24, 2022 :WHAT! Karan announce his engagement with Natasha

kundali bhagya

Kundali Bhagya May 24, 2022: Sherlyn comes back to Prithvi and tells that they must leave from there as soon as possible because the goon knows everything about them.

Prithvi asks hard to cool down and they go away from there. Jhanki watches them she calls Srishti and inform them that they have left from there.

Preeta tells Srishti and Sameer to pick up the things and they must leave for home. At the Luthra house Karan and Rakhi discuss about Preeta. Karan says that sometimes he feels like she should marry Natasha.

Rakhi tells that he should never do like this, he says that he knows that you should not do like this is just telling like that. Rakhi finds that Natasha, Kareena, dadi are laughing.

She asks them why you are the laughing , Natasha tells that she told them that how Karan saved her. Preeta returns home and Karan tells to everyone that he wants to do the engagement with Natasha.

Everyone gets shocked Pree tells her she will never let that happen.Sherlyn tells that they will get exposed if the blackmailer gets into a deal with Luthras. Prithvi tells that he will go and meet the blackmailer.

He tells sherlyn to hide in the house.Preeta tells that they will record Sherlyn’s confession and be very careful, they will not lose the evidences this time.

Natasha meets Sherlyn and informs about Karan and her engagement.Sherlyn does not pay attention to her and leaves from there.The next day natasha’s mother come sto the luthra house.

Karan sees that preeta is getting jealous after all this.Later karan feels bad that he has announced that he wants to marry natasha.

Natasha walks into Karan’s room and meets the latter, who apologizes for announcing their engagement. He tells that he loves Preeta a lot, he is doing everything to make Preeta jealous.

Natasha very cleverly tells that she will help karan.She tells that they must go on with the acting they are doing . Later Natasha tells her mom about the fake engagement. Navneet tells that this will defame her.

Natasha tells that she doesnot want karan but she only wants to be her wife.She tells that she wants to use Preeta’s silence and absence. She plans to really get engaged to Karan.

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