Starplus Anupamaa 25 May 2022 New Spoiler:Kavya’s decision shocks everyone

Anupamaa 25 May 2022

Leela finds that Kavya is speaking to someone on the call. She gets surprised to know that it is no one but her ex husband Aniruddh to whom she speaking.

She asks her that’s why she speaking to her ex-husband Kavya starts misbehaving.Vanraj comes there and asks Kavya that what she wants.

Kavya shocks everyone by telling that if she wants a divorce from him.Kavya gives the divorce papers and give hints to the family that Anirudh will keep coming to meet her. 

In the recent track Anuj and Anupama got married and the family supported Anupama to marry Anuj.

Anuj and Anupama starts with new life.Anuj takes Anupama to the house where he was brought up Anupama gets emotional after she gets to know that it is the house where his parents used to live.

Later on GK gives the jewellery of Anuj’s mother to Anupama. He tells that Malvika has given everything to Anuj before she left.

Anupama at first denies to take the jewelry, but a Anuj asks her to take the jewelry because she is the Lakshmi of the house everyone gets happy.

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