Starplus Anupama S01 Episode 31st May 2022


Anupama 31st May 2022: Anuj and Anupama enter the orphanage. On the other hand Kinjal and Paritosh speak about themselves.

Paritosh gives her the juice and asks her about health. She says that when he is with her then how can she be said.

He says that when he was small his mother used to tell him that it is very difficult for a woman to become a mother. And he used to think that his mother is telling much more than it is difficult.

Paritosh tells that now he can understand how much difficult it is to become parents. Anupam and Anuj works inside the orphanage and Anupama’s saree gets stuck.

A child comes there and help her out before Anuj and Anupama put figure of the child is child leave.On the other hand Toshu says that he will spoil their daughter the way Vanraj spoiled Pakhi.

Anuj tells that how birthday is celebrated in all furniture and after hearing the truth Anupama gets emotional.They both then pray that every child gets to celebrate their birthday. 

The goes inside and finds that our child is dancing. And after hearing this song Anuj goes to tell Anupama that this was the same song on which Anupama was dancing and he saw her for the first time.

Anupama tells that she knows it because Devika has told her about that. The guests tries to give a gift to the girl with the pulses that she does not meet the gift.

Later on the guests starts misbehaving and Anuj gets angry on them. He says that he is also an orphane. Anupama and Anuj goes to speak to the girl.

Anuj asks the name of the girl in the girl says that her name is Anu both of them get shocked after hearing that. The girl gets impressed by Anuj and Anupama and tells that she wants parents like them.

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