Meet Episode 24th May 2022 latest update


Meet asks meet ahlawat to open his shirt and give her he asks that why will he opened his shirt and give her she says that she will be stitching the shirt.

She tells that you will also teach him how to stitch the shirt because after all both of them are getting divorce and now he have to do all this all around.

The recent track it is seen that meet ahlawat tells in front of everyone that he does not want to stay with meet anymore.

After hearing this everyone gets surprised.Meet gets emotional . Meet ahlawat tells that he has asked his wife to take a transfer and go away from there.

Rajvardhan gets angry on his son he asked that what is he doing.Meet ahlawat tell that when he looks at his wife he finds a police officer but he never finds the wife anymore.

Meet gets emotional and things that if she can be a very good police officer then why can’t she be a very good husband at the same time.

She says to speak to meet ahlawat but Rajvardhan stops her and tells that no that will happen what he will be telling. Rajyavardhan announces in front of the family that there is one way out.

He tells everyone that when his son is not comfortable with his wife then both of them should get divorce everyone gets surprised to hear this.

Will the divorce really happen?

Is this Rajvardhan’s plan to reunite meet and his son ?

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