Meet 23 May 2022, Episode 255 Spoiler Alert


Meet 23 May 2022 Spoiler Alert :Meet and the family discusses that they should go somewhere .babita tells that isha should decide where to go.

Isha tells that she will tell them the destination but she will not go with them.Masoom tells hat meet is getting transferred.

Ram says that she has been mistaken beacuse meet cant do that.She give the letter to him.babita asks meet that how could she take big decision like this.

She asks whether her husband meet ahlawat knows about the transfer. She does not tell anything and she keeps quiet Babita gets angry at her.

Meet ahlawat tells that he knows about the transfer he then opens up in front of everyone that how he feels for her.

He says that he loves his wife very much but whenever he looks at her she finds that it is the police officer not his wife. He says that meet is number one at her work.

Rajvardhan gets angry at his son he asks that how can he tell all this so easily.Meet ahlawat tries to explain that how he and his wife decided that they will not inform anyone about the pendrive but she did not listen to him and she gave it for the inspection.

Meet ahlawat says that and due to that Rajvardhan had to go to the jail everyone was so tensed about them.Later meet decides to speak to her husband but Rajvardhan stops her he says that he will make the decision and they will have to listen to that.

Rajvardhan calls the whole family in the hall and says that he has taken a decision and everyone must listen to it because he is the senior of the family he says that when his son and to meet her so much problem they should get a divorce.

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