Meet 21st May 2022 Spoiler Alert: OH NO! Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to leave the house


Zee TV daily soap meet is coming up with interesting story in its upcoming episode. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen Abhay saying Shanty and Isha both signed the divorce papers.

Abhay then slaps Shanty he starts acting in front of everyone. He tels shanty to act in front of Ahlawats, later he can do whatever he wants..

Meet also slaps shanty then she arrests him.Later on meet returns home and sees that meet ahlawat is waiting for her.

She tells him to go and sleep but he tell sthat he will serve the food to her today.Meet tells that the food is very tasty.

Meet says now she will serve food to her husband but Meet Ahlawat replies he will do it himself.Meet ahlawat tells that he cant easily forget how she hurt him deeply.

He also tells that he can’t recognize this Meet whom he used to love but she has changed.The next morning meet ahlawat tells her to take a transfer and leave this place.

He gives her the transfer application form saying he brought it and filled it up.Meet is left shocked to hear that.Both of them gets teary.

Meet ahlawat tells that she can choose the location for her transfer.She tell sthat he can also tell her that where she should go.

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