Bhagya Lakshmi Zee Tv Latest Update 31st May 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi

The doctor tells that Neelam is absolutely ok and she will be able to go home after some time. Karishma goes inside to speak to Neelam. Virender informs his mother that everything is ok. On the other hand she asks Lakshmi what does she want to tell him.

She asks her that why did she stop the marriage in front of everyone. Lakshmi remembers what hello has told her and she goes to tell it to Rishi. But before she could tell anything that she tells that maliska told him that he was trying to break their marriage.

She tells that now he feels that she was right that Lakshmi was trying to break their marriage and she does not want him to marry Malishka. She says that he will be marrying my list and starting his new life with her.

Rishi goes from there and meets his mother Neelam tells in front of everyone that she wants the marriage to take place soon. Lakshmi finds that Ahana is crying she tries to console her when Ayush comes there and shouts at her.

Shalu comes there to support Lakshmi but Ayush does not listen to them and tell them to stay away from his sister.Later everyone returns home.Dadi goes to Neelam and asks her how she is. Sonia also comes and asks Neelam how is she. 

Bobby and Balwindar think they should steal the ring. The pandit Ji comes. Neelam asks to start the engagement but the Pandit Ji says the auspicious time has gone .

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