Anupama S01 Episode 1st March 2022:Kinjal is pregnant!


Kinjal tells anupama that she is pregnant and she will becom a mother soon.She tells that she got to know about the pregnancy on the valentines day.

She tells that she always wanted to tell her the news on the right time .She also adds that the best day is on her birthday.

Anupama gets excited and she tells that sshe will tell the family about the good news.Anupamaa goes outsidee and starts dancing.

She tells that she wants to share a news with them She tells that she is going to be a grand mother very soon.

Every one stands shocked hearing the news.Anupama feels happy while anuj and GK gets shocked .The shah family dance together.

Everyone then celebrates the good news by dancing around Toshu and Kinjal.Kinjal asks paritosh whether he is happy that she is pregnant.

The shah asks anupama what she wanted to tell them.Anu says that they launched the website of their business. 

The shah tells anupama that why was she so happy to tell them such a small news.Anu then decides to cook a dish for Kinjal and walks outside to get the ingredients.

She walks on the road and cries thinking that why she could not express herself in front of everyone that she loves anuj.

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