Zee TV Meet 4th February 2022 spoiler update

Babita asks Manushi and meet whether both of them are ready for their new challenge. Manushi says that she is absolutely ready.

She says that the next challenge will be that both of these sisters will be giving challenge to each other because both of them knows TV points.

Manushi asks meet to give her the challenge. Meet tells the next challenge that you will be giving to Her that she have to sit beside her husband in the car.


She says that this is not a challenge because this is very easy for offices that before doing the challenge she is confirming that she will be winning this.

Meet gets surprised to see the confidence of Manushi. Manushi make plan to seat beside meet. She puts her things in the car.

Manushi goes to met ahlawat and tell him that she has put all the stars in the car and asks him to drop her.

She opens the door of the car and finds that there is no seat over there.Meet ahlawat also get shocked to see that there is no seat in the car.

The audience are quite excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming episode of Zee TV serial meet.

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