Starplus Anupama Ep508 ,23rd February 2022 Spoiler Alert

Nandini thanks everyone for accepting her.Anu tells her that self-love is not bad.Samar gets emotional, Shahs give their support to Samar.

Vanraj says to Leela that now he will find a perfect bride for Samar.He thinks Nandini has had taught him many things.


Anupama prays for Kinjal, Pakhi and Samar.Anupama and anuj prays to god.Anuj thinks that he should tell what he wants to tell Anupama before getting late.

Paritosh tells kinjal that he told sorry to her but still she is upset. She tells that she is just feeling low. Both of them argue.

Kinjal tells him that both of them stay in the same room but still, they do not speak to each other.She asks him to sit but he gets a call and leaves.

On the other hand anuj goes to speak to anupama but she tells that the vegetables are over.She challenges anuj to go to the market.

Anuj decide to prove Anupama that he can purchase vegetables. Hasmuk tries to cheer up Samar and Kinjal.Kinjal decide to reveal to Anupama.

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